• Trivia How did Hagrid travel to the Hut on the Rock? With this passage in OP21, fans guessed that Hagrid might have come to the Hut by riding a thestral: “… they aren’ unlucky, they’re dead clever an’ useful! Course, this lot don’ get a lot o’ work, it’s mainly… Read More
• Event September 19, 1991 — Harry brings his new Nimbus 2000 broom to the Quidditch pitch as 7 pm. While waiting for Gyffindor Quidditch Captain Oliver Wood to show up, Harry flies around the goal posts, reveling in the responsiveness of the broom. When Wood arrives, he complements Harry’s flying, then… Read More
• Source Harry discovers his newfound popularity, learns that Stan Shunpike has been arrested, and holds a frustratingly massive Quidditch tryout that includes a run-in with Cormac McLaggen. They visit Hagrid and learn that Aragog is dying, Harry confronts Hermione about having confunded McLaggen during the tryout, and Slughorn invites Harry and… Read More
• Source Hermione and Ron discuss the Slug Club in Herbology and Harry notices an attraction between them. Dean takes Katie’s place on the Quidditch team, and Harry and Ron run into Ginny and Dean kissing. Ron gets upset and Ginny tells him off, but Harry starts thinking of kissing Ginny himself. Read More
• Source Harry discusses Ron’s poisioning with the Weasleys, Hagrid tells Harry that he overheard Dumbledore and Snape arguing. McLaggen accosts Harry to ensure he can play in Ron’s place in the upcoming Quidditch match, and Harry finds that Ron has been avoiding Lavender. At the Quidditch match (with Luna commentating!), McLaggen… Read More
• Source Ron and Ginny are both single again. Katie Bell returns to Hogwarts, but can’t remember what happened to her. Harry sees Malfoy with Moaning Myrtle on the Marauder’s Map and runs to eavesdrop, but is shocked when he sees Malfoy crying. When Malfoy tries to hex Harry, Harry uses… Read More
• Source Harry and Dumbledore return to Hogsmeade and see the Dark Mark over Hogwarts. They fly to the top of the Astronomy Tower, where Draco appears and disarms Dumbledore, but can’t bring himself to kill him. Dumbledore tries to convince Draco to come to the good side.  Before Malfoy can decide… Read More
• Creature Hippogriffs are flying creatures with the head, wings, and forelegs of a giant eagle and the body (including hind legs and tail) of a horse. Their eyes are orange, while individual hippogriff colors vary as those of mundane horses do, including black, bronze, chestnut, grey, and roan. An adult Hippogriff’s… Read More
• Sports teams The Holyhead Harpies are a Quidditch team based in Holyhead (Caergybi) on the island of Anglesey (Ynys Môn) in North-West Wales. It was founded in 1203 (QA7). robes: dark green with a golden talon on the chest (QA7) home: Holyhead, North Wales The Holyhead Harpies only… Read More
• Spells A nasty kind of hex that can be placed on a broom. The effect is presumably to make the target broom attempt to hurl its rider off. Read More
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with updates by Michele L. Worley How can a one-year-old baby survive the destruction of his parents’ home? Hey, a Killing Curse is one thing, but how could Harry block tons of bricks and wood crashing down on top of him? As if that weren’t enough, the kid was on the second floor of… Read More