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The Lion and the Serpent

- Chapter 19

“I wanted to have it chewing up a serpent to represent Slytherin, you know, but there wasn’t time. Anyway . . . good luck, Ronald!” - Luna Lovegood referring to her lion hat (OP19)

OP19: The Lion and the Serpent

Gryffindor defeats Slytherin, but Harry, Fred, and George are given a lifetime ban from Quidditch by Umbridge for fighting with Malfoy.

Calendar and Dates

The chapter picks up where the previous one leaves off, at the end of the first D.A. meeting.  It then speeds through the next two weeks and spends the majority of the chapter on the day of the Gryffindor-Slytherin Quidditch match, on the 2nd of November, 1995 [Y15].

Interesting facts and notes

'I'm supporting Gryffindor,' said Luna, pointing unnecessarily at her hat. 'Look what it does...'

And a Lion Roars in the Great Hall by Marta T.

Exceptional character moments

Still to come.

Memorable lines

When Alicia Spinnet turned up in the hospital wing with her eyebrows growing so thick and fast that they obscured her vision and obstructed her mouth, Snape insisted that she must have attempted a Hair-Thickening Charm on herself and refused to listen to the fourteen eyewitnesses who insisted that they had seen the Slythrein Keeper, Miles Bletchley, hit her from behind with a jinx while she worked in the library.

Even Fred had said that Ron might yet make him and George proud, and that they were seriously considering admitting that he was related to them, something he assured Ron they had been trying to deny for years.

"Well, [Crabbe and Goyle] don't look bright enough to tell one end of a broom from another," said Angelina, "but then I was always surprised Derrick and Bole managed to find their way onto the pitch without signposts."

Words and phrases

Other Canon Notes

Characters (notes or unnamed):

  • (unnamed) Death Eaters



  • Hair-Thickening Charm (presumably also the spell Miles Bletchley cast on Alicia to make her eyebrows grow out of control)
  • (Unnamed) Spell Luna cast on her lion hat to make it roar
  • Note of Snape "turning a deaf ear to the many reports of Slytherin attempts to hex Gryffindor players in the corridors” (OP19)
    • Example is spell that lands Alicia in hospital wing (above)


Settings and locations mentioned:

  • mountains around Hogwarts

Characters Introduced


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