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Percy and Padfoot

- Chapter 14
OP14: Percy and Padfoot

Harry sends a letter to Sirius, he encounters Cho Chang and she calls him brave, and the Gryffindor team’s first practice is less than spectacular.  Percy sends Ron a letter warning him against continuing his friendship with Harry, and Sirius communicates with Harry through the common room fire.

Calendar and Dates

The chapter takes place over the course of the first weekend of fall term. Since classes began on Monday, 2 September, these two days must be Saturday and Sunday, 7-8 September.

Interesting facts and notes

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Exceptional character moments

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Memorable lines

Harry looked up at Ron. "Well," he said, trying to sound as though he found the whole thing a joke, "if you want to - er - what is it?" (He checked Percy's letter.) "Oh yeah - 'sever ties' with me, I swear I won't get violent."

"That's exactly what [Fudge] thinks you're doing," said Sirius, "or rather, that's exactly what he's afraid Dumbledore's doing - forming his own private army, with which he will be able to take on the Ministry of Magic." There was a pause at this, then Ron said, "That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard, including all the stuff that Luna Lovegood comes out with."

Words and phrases

Other Canon Notes

Characters (notes or unnamed):

  • (unnamed) members of the Slytherin Quidditch Team
  • Paracelsus
  • Hogwarts house-elves
  • Finnigan, Seamus, Longbottom, Neville, and Thomas, Dean (all referred to as "fellow Gryffindor")
  • Tremlet, Donaghan (Bass player for the Weird Sisters)
  • Weasley, Percy (as "the world's biggest git")


Settings and locations mentioned:

In Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

  • Corridor with the bust of Paracelsus
  • West Wing of the castle, and a corridor leading to it


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