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The Unexpected Task

- Chapter 22


- Harry Potter

GF22: The Unexpected Task

The Yule Ball is announced, and Harry learns that he is expected to have a dance partner. Harry tries to get up the nerve to ask Cho to the dance, but when he finally does finds that she already has a date with Cedric, so Harry arranges to go with Parvati Patil instead.

Interesting facts and notes

In a way, the "unexpected task" - asking a girl to the Yule Ball as a dance partner - really could be considered an unofficial Triwizard task, since the Yule Ball is a traditional part of the Triwizard Tournament.

Exceptional character moments

McGonagall, who yells at the boys for having a sword fight with fake wands in her class when they should be listening to her, but doesn't punish them.

GF 22 — The Unexpected Task
Abbreviation GF22: The Unexpected Task
Canonicity Primary Canon


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