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Dark Magic Divination

The Unforgivable Curses

- Chapter 14

"The use of any one of them on a fellow human being is enough to earn a life sentence in Azkaban."

- Barty Crouch Jr. (as Mad-Eye Moody)

GF14: The Unforgivable Curses

The fourth-year students learn about the Unforgivable Curses in their first lesson with Moody, Moody takes Neville to his office, Harry and Ron fake their Divination homework, Hermione starts SPEW, and Harry receives a letter from Sirius saying he’s returning to Britain.


Calendar and Dates

The chapter begins the day after the preceding chapter with brief glimpses of Tuesday and Wednesday before settling down to showing us the fake Moody's much-anticipated opening lesson in Defence Against the Dark Arts on Thursday.

Exceptional character moments

Neville's reaction to seeing the Cruciatus Curse cast.

The fake Moody, who apparently detests the Imperius Curse so much that he makes a genuine effort to teach his students to resist it.

The fake Moody comforting Neville after class - and using the opportunity to plant a clue on him for the Second Task, which won't take place for nearly six months.

Harry and Ron making up their Divination homework.

Harry's observation that the twins usually like to be the noisy center of attention, and that it's most unusual to see them working silently and out of the limelight.

Hermione's establishment of S.P.E.W.

Words and phrases

GF 14 — The Unforgivable Curses
Abbreviation GF14: The Unforgivable Curses
Canonicity Primary Canon


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