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The Daily Prophet newsletter 4

- Issue 4

Oct 1st, 1999
The Daily Prophet
Price: 7 Knuts

Page 1 – Headlines:
Plans to restrict Hallowe’en celebrations, the one time of year wizards can be “out and about” without arousing the suspicions of Muggles, were announced by Minister for Magic Cornelius Fudge. Celestina Warbeck, the “Singing Sorceress”, and other witches and wizards interviewed, were against the Ministry’s decision. However, dangerous Hallowe’en incidents involve exploding pumpkins and broom accidents, leading to busy wards at St Mungo’s Hospital.

A potion that reduces the appetite for human flesh in hags has been developed by Professor Regulus Moonshine.

Advertisement: “Poor memory? ….” Mnemosyne Clinic for Memory Modification promises to restore memory to “natural range” with a simple charm.

Page 2 – Sports:
Quidditch League Table & Match Information

Forthcoming matches listed are:

PUDDLEMERE CHASER VANISHES AMID CHAOS AT HOLYHEAD MATCH – Ministry fears of violence at the match between traditional rivals Holyhead Harpies and Puddlemere United were realised when former Harpy, Chaser Wilda Griffiths, disappeared midway during the match. Many Puddlemere and Holyhead supporters had handed in “dummy” wands at the gates and used their real wands during the ensuing riot. Holyhead team captain Gwenog Jones is said to be “helping the Ministry with its enquiries”.

CANNONS BLAST THE FALCONS – shock of another Chudley Cannons win causes the collapse of their manager Ragmar Dorkins.

Advertisement: “Buy your Second-Hand Brooms at SPLINTER & KREEK’S

Pages 3&4 – Crossword:
Fiendishly Difficult Crossword“, clues and answers Clues include:
– 42 Across – The colour of the Quaffle (3)
– 49 Down – Your worst nightmare as a Bertie Bott bean flavour (3)

Calendar and Dates

Although the date printed on the Daily Prophet Newsletter DP4 is 1 October 1999, the timeframe for these events is 1992-1993.

Memorable lines

‘There were wands everywhere,’ said Timothy Blenkinsop (23), a Puddlemere supporter who was caught in the midst of the fighting. ‘Everywhere I looked people were collapsing. A lot of the Harpy supporters were using the Jelly-Brain jinx. A group of Puddlemere fans near me retaliated with the Sponge-Knees curse. It was shocking. I just ran. I count myself lucky to have escaped just with this tail.’

‘It is nonsense to say that Gwenog wanted the Holyhead fans to riot,’ said a Holyhead representative after the match. ‘Yes, maybe she did say that Wilda deserved to be gnawed to death by starving tarantulas, but that was a light-hearted remark which she certainly did not expect anybody to take seriously. And I’m quite sure that wherever Wilda is, she is not being devoured by spiders.’

‘Most of my hag volunteers have refrained from taking a bite out of me since last Tuesday’ he said.

'We’re not trying to stop people having fun. We’re just trying to stop them turning each other into artichokes without checking to see if they know the counter-charm.’

Characters Introduced

Daily Prophet newsletters
Issue 4 — The Daily Prophet newsletter 4
Dimensions 1802 words, A4, 4 pages
Abbreviation DP4
Canonicity Secondary Canon


In the book Quidditch Through the Ages, there is a footnote to the rules of Quidditch explaining that wizards, including those in the crowd, have had the right to carry a wand since 1692, so long as they don't use them (QA6). The Ministry's attempt to collect or confiscate wands before the Holyhead v Puddlemere match was always likely to have failed. Royston Idlewind could have told them a thing or two about the futility of trying to keep wizards with wands under control (Pm).

If you are "helping the police with their enquiries" (like Gwenog Jones is after the Puddlemere-Harpies match), it usually means you are being held in custody while they gather enough evidence to charge you. This won't be the last time that Ms Jones gets herself into trouble, however (Pm).

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