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The Daily Prophet newsletter 3

- Issue 3

June 1st, 1999
The Daily Prophet
Price: 7 Knuts

Page 1 – Headlines
B.O.G. (Brotherhood of Goblins) supporters ran riot during a meeting with representatives from the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. The goblins used illegal wands for transfiguration and called for the release of activist Hodrod the Horny-Handed. Goblin-wizard relations are reported to be at an all time low.

Two other related articles are mentioned as appearing on other pages:

Advertisement: “TerrorTours – action holidays for the wizard family with a sense of adventure” – features castles to rent in Transylvania, Zombie trails and cruises in the Bermuda Triangle.

Pages 2 & 3 – Letters [marked as page 12]

Page 4 – Sports
Quidditch League Table & Match Information

Forthcoming matches listed are:


Calendar and Dates

Although the date printed on DP3 is 1 June 1999, the timeframe for these events is 1992-1993.

Memorable lines

"I thought we were getting along fine until I heard the first explosion", Royden Poke (Ministry spokeswizard about a goblin riot in Chipping Clodbury)

"Would the Ministry of Magic turn a blind eye if I kidnapped my brother's children and turned them into blood-sucking ferrets?", Buckley Cooper (from a letter to the Problem Page entitled "How much revenge is safe?")

"All right, maybe you do have to be a bit deranged to play golf...", Randolph Pauncefoot (fan of the Montrose Magpies after Chaser Alasdair Maddock was fired after being caught with a set of Muggle "peculiar metal sticks")

Characters Introduced

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Issue 3 — The Daily Prophet newsletter 3
Dimensions 1799 words, A4, 4 pages
Abbreviation DP3
Canonicity Secondary Canon


The Ministry threat to confiscate wands is difficult to enforce, as evidenced by the events of the Quidditch World Cup final in 1974 (Pm).

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