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Slug-vomiting Charm

"Better out than in ...Get ‘em all up, Ron..."
-- Hagrid handing Ron a bucket (CS7)

Slug-vomiting Charm

The Slug-vomiting Charm causes the victim to belch up slugs.

References from the canon

  • Ron tried to hit Malfoy with this curse after Malfoy had called Hermione a Mudblood. Unfortunately, Ron's wand had been damaged earlier, so the spell backfired (CS7)
  • Interestingly, Ron had only a short time before, at breakfast, snapped "Eat slugs, Malfoy!" This is not the incantation, however, although CS/f clearly and incorrectly indicates that it is.
  • The name for this spell is mentioned in (OP19).



Ron aims at Draco Malfoy with his broken wand and accidentally puts the Slug-vomiting Charm on himself, forshadowing the later scene when Gilderoy Lockhart points the same broken wand at Ron and erases his own memory with "Obliviate" (CS16)

The slugs emanating from Ron's mouth are also reminiscent of the Basilisk slithering out of Salazar Slytherin's mouth on the statue in the Chamber of Secrets (CS17). This same image is found on the Dark Mark of Voldemort (GF9). What's fascinating is that by the time of the Battle of Hogwarts, Ron is able to mimic Harry's Parselmouth ability enough to open the Chamber and bring out the basilisk fangs (DH31).

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