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Fire-Making Spell

Fire-Making Spell

A spell to create fire.

References from the canon

  • Arthur Weasley used this to start a fire in the Dursleys' fireplace (GF4).
  • Used by a Death Eater to set fire to Hagrid's cabin (HBP28).
  • Hagrid started a roaring fire in the hut-on-the-rock without a wand (PS4) (PS/f depicts this incorrectly)
  • Wormtail started a fire under the cauldron in which Voldemort was reborn (GF32).
  • Albus Potter sets fire to his Hogsmeade permission form - and surprises himself as it is not usually a spell he can perform successfully (CC1.4).
  • Both Harry Potter and Delphi use this against each other in their duel (CC4.11).



"incendo" L. to set fire to

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