• Character Abraham Peasegood was an American wizard who invented the game of Quodpot (QA8). Peasegood immigrated to North America in the 1700s, intending to form a Quidditch team when he got there. The story goes that the Quaffle he had packed in his luggage came into contact with his wand so that… Read More
• Character Agatha Chubb was a witch and expert in ancient wizarding artifacts. While researching Quidditch practices of the 16th century she actually discovered twelve lead bludgers in the peat bogs and marshes of Great Britain and Ireland (QA6). She used her finds to show how modern wizards changed from lead,… Read More
• Character Alastor “Mad-Eye” Moody is a retired Auror, considered one of the best Dark Wizard catchers the Ministry has ever had. Moody came on staff for a year at Hogwarts, but  spent it at the bottom of a magical trunk, unbeknownst to anyone but the imposter who put him there (… Read More
• Character Albert Boot was the fifth Minister for Magic, in office 1747-1752. He couldn’t handle a goblin rebellion and resigned (Pm). Read More
• Character Albus Dumbledore was the Headmaster of Hogwarts for close to forty years, a time period that encompassed both of Voldemort’s attempts to take over the Wizarding world. Considered to be the most powerful wizard of his time, Dumbledore was awarded the Order of Merlin, First Class, and was the Supreme… Read More
• Event The threat posed by Grindelwald and his plans for world domination became so dire that the Wizarding world clamored for Dumbledore to intervene. It was only when he had no choice that Dumbledore finally confronted his old friend in an epic duel. In the end, Dumbledore wins the duel and takes… Read More
• Areas of knowledge Alchemy is the ancient study of transforming base metals into gold and eventually creating a Philospher’s Stone which would give the owner eternal life. Because metals must be melted and mixed before they are transformed into gold, alchemy is a cross between Potions and Transfiguration. The most famous alchemist in… Read More
• Event Egyptian wizards put curses on tombs which nowadays are broken by curse-breakers for Gringotts Bank who try to regain the treasure locked in those tombs. When the Weasley family visited Egypt, Ron saw mutant skeletons of Muggles who had broken into a pyramid and “grown extra heads and stuff” as… Read More
• Event Wizards of this era of history created some of the earliest known magic spells and devices, including the Patronus and the Horcrux. Read More
• Event A broom race is run in Sweden from Kopparberg to Arjeplog, a distance of about 300 miles. The race is so popular it is made an annual tradition – one which still continues today, over 1000 years later. Read More
• Character Antioch Peverell was the oldest of the three brothers in The Tale of the Three Brothers, and owner of the Elder Wand. Read More
• Mountains, hills, and landforms A long mountain range in eastern North America running from northern Canada down to mid-Alabama in the southern United States. Read More
• Character The first of the Malfoy family in Britain, Armand arrived in 1066 as part of William the Conqueror’s army. Armand was given a piece of land in Wiltshire as reward for his services to King William I (Pm). Read More
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The newly released Black family tree, now revealed in its full glory, is the topic of considerable discussion and is a source of considerable information on the relatedness of the various pure-blood  wizard lines. Many familiar names show up on that tree, including Weasley (blasted off, of course). Sirius Black comments in Order of the Phoenix, “Molly and I are… Read More
• Art and Culture Various types of artwork are displayed in the halls of Hogwarts, including paintings and sculptures. Many if not all of these are magical and are animated in some way. Apparently there are no art classes at Hogwarts, although Dean Thomas is known for being a good artist.  … Read More
• Event The Irish witch Gormlaith Gaunt attacks Ilvermorny School to take revenge on her niece, Isolt Sayre, who had stolen the family heirloom wand once belonging to Salazar Slytherin from Gormlaith and fled to America. The witch was also furious that Isolt married James Steward, a No-Maj, and was running a… Read More
• Quidditch The final of the Quidditch World Cup in 1809 is considered to be one of the worst exhibitions of unsportsmanlike conduct in history. Read More