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Way back in the late 90s, the Harry Potter books came out in Britain first, long before the US editions. In fact, it took a whole year for Philosopher's Stone to be Transfigured into Sorcerer's Stone. During that year, the editors at Scholastic changed a lot more than the title. They replaced a lot of British terms which they assumed would confuse American readers. In some cases, I guess they were probably right. Many Americans would have no idea what a "bobble hat" or a "packet of crisps" was, and in the U.S. a "jumper" Read More
• Ministry of Magic A room located in the Department of Mysteries on Level Nine of the Ministry of Magic (OP34)… Read More
• Magical artifacts The glass jar inside The Time Room of the Department of Mysteries, which gives off a “dancing, diamond-bright light” (OP34, OP35)… Read More
• Event Tonks completes her three years of training and qualifies as an Auror. As a Metamorphmagus, she excelled at Concealment and Disguise training, but she noted that her natural clumsiness made Stealth difficult (OP3). Read More
• Magical effects The Trace is the charm that detects magical ability around under-seventeens. Read More
• Source “The Tale of the Three Brothers” is a wizarding world fairy tale, part of the collection The Tales of Beedle the Bard. In the tale, three brothers use magic to cheat death. Death himself appears and offers them each one magical item. The choices of the older two brothers… Read More
• Wandmaking Two wands that have the same magical substance at the core are said to be twins or brother wands. Read More