• Houses and addresses Now filled with the “odor of old age, of dust, of unwashed clothes and stale food,” the Bagshot house has been home to Bathilda Bagshot for many years. The house is located in Godric’s Hollow, in between the town square and the Potter cottage (DH17). It was here that… Read More
• Event On the evening of June 20, 1996, a running battle is fought between members of the D.A. led by Harry Potter, a group of Death Eaters led by Lucius Malfoy, and members of the Order of the Phoenix. Sirius Black is killed and many others are wounded (OP35). When… Read More
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At turns exciting, suspenseful, horrific, unexpectedly funny, and in the end, tragic, OP35 (“Beyond the Veil”) brilliantly captures the chaos and confusion of battle. Harry doesn’t have time to fully comprehend everything going on around him, but we the readers have the luxury of going back and re-reading this chapter for new insights… Read More
• Event May 1-2, 1998 The climactic final showdown between the side of good and the side of evil. Hogwarts castle was damaged in this battle and fifty people died defending it, including Fred Weasley, Tonks, Lupin, and Colin Creevey. The Death Eaters enlisted giants, Dementors, and Acromantulas to fight for… Read More
• Event The Battle of the Seven Potters is an aerial battle over southern England fought on the evening of 27 July 1997 between members of the Order of the Phoenix led by Mad-Eye Moody and a group of Death Eaters led by Lord Voldemort. The Order of the Phoenix strives to… Read More
• Timelines and calendars During the Second War, battles were fought between Death Eaters and allies of the Ministry, including Aurors and members of the Order of the Phoenix. Some of these battles were single combats, but others were pitched battles between small groups of combatants. In the end, the final defeat of Voldemort… Read More
• Event While Dumbledore is away, a gang of Death Eaters, led by Draco Malfoy, sneaks into Hogwarts through the vanishing cabinet in the Room of Requirement. They battle the Order of the Phoenix, and when Dumbledore and Harry return, Dumbledore freezes Harry as Draco arrives to Disarm Dumbledore (HBP27). After a… Read More
• Event During the Battle of the Tower in June of 1997, Bill Weasley is attacked by the werewolf Fenrir Greyback. It is not the full moon, so the wounds do not lead to full-blown lycanthropy, but Bill’s face is terribly scarred and he develops a yen for raw meat (HBP29)… Read More
• Character Bellatrix Lestrange was one of Voldemort’s most devoted Death Eaters, a cruel and vicious woman who was guilty of torturing and murdering wizards and Muggles alike. Bella, as she was sometimes called, was the oldest daughter of Druella Rosier and Cygnus Black of the “Noble and Most Ancient House of Black.”… Read More
• Character Sirius Black was James Potter’s closest friend, Harry Potter’s godfather, and an Animagus, who was falsely accused of betrayal and murder and imprisoned in Azkaban. Sirius Black was the elder of two boys born to an aristocratic family that was fiercely proud of its pureblood status and vehemently anti-Muggle. Unlike his younger brother Regulus and… Read More
• Wandmaking A wand wood, known for its dark bark, large sharp thorns, and dense, stiff, spiny branches (Pm). Read More
• Source Bloomsbury Live Chat (Bloomsbury.com, 30 July 2007, 2.00-3.00pm BST) with J K Rowling nine days after the release of Deathly Hallows. Read More
• Ministry of Magic A room located in the Department of Mysteries on Level Nine of the Ministry of Magic (OP34)… Read More
• Trivia The Creevey boys seem less than bold. However, Dennis managed to sneak into Hogsmeade to join Dumbledore’s Army even though he was a Second Year. Colin sneaked back into the castle to join the Battle of Hogwarts even though all underage students were ordered to leave. Colin paid for his… Read More
• Character Lavender Brown was a Gryffindor student in the same year as Harry Potter. She was best friends with Parvati Patil. Lavender tended to squeal and giggle a lot, and generally gave the impression of her being silly. She was keen on Divination, having been convinced of Trelawney’s powers after a… Read More