Angry that his brother is neglecting their fragile sister for his new friend, Aberforth confronts Albus and Grindelwald about their plans to leave Godric’s Hollow and make their mark on the world. Grindelwald tells Aberforth he just doesn’t understand, and then uses the Cruciatus Curse on the younger boy. Then a… Read More
Ariana Dumbledore, sister of Albus and Aberforth, met her accidental death during a three-way duel between the brothers and Gellert Grindelwald (DH35). According to an interview given to Rita Skeeter by Bathilda Bagshot, the brothers had a “dreadful coffin-side brawl” during the funeral in which Aberforth bloodied Albus’s nose,… Read More
Following the 1892 Sasquatch uprising, MACUSA moved its headquarters from Washington to the newly built Woolworth Building in New York City (Pm). When the building was under construction, wizards joined the construction crew. Thanks to these undercover wizards, the Woolworth building was not only a building for No-Majs, it also… Read More
Newt Scamander leaves Hogwarts under a cloud, having been accused of endangering students. Albus Dumbledore, then a teacher at Hogwarts, argued against his expulsion (WFT). Soon after, Newt begins working for the Ministry of Magic (FB). Read More
Marius is the third child of Cygnus and Violetta Black. Over the following years, it is discovered that the poor child is a Squib. How he fares within is immediate family is unknown, but as far as his niece Walburga is concerned, he was a complete disgrace. Years later she… Read More
The Muggle man would go on to serve in World War II and then work as the gardener for the Riddle House until his murder by Lord Voldemort (GF1). Read More
Augustus Worme of Obscurus Books commissions the young Newt Scamander to write a guide of magical beasts. The result is Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, first published in 1927, a book which has been an approved Hogwarts textbook ever since and gone into 52 editions. Scamander takes at the opportunity… Read More
Picquery is an extremely competent and accomplished witch who guides the United States magical community through the difficult years of the rise of Grindelwald and the catastrophic attacks of the Obscurial in New York City in 1926. She leaves office in 1928 (WFT, Pm). Read More
Merope Gaunt liked to wait by the window for a glimpse of handsome Tom Riddle Sr., a rich Muggle boy. Morfin Gaunt, Merope’s brother, mocked her for it and late one night he caught her at it. Just for spite, he hit Tom Riddle Sr. with a Hives Jinx. This… Read More
Fifteen minutes after fleeing from Morfin Gaunt’s attack on him (for physically restraining Morfin from attacking Merope) and apparating back to the Ministry of Magic, Bob Ogden returns to the Gaunt cottage – this time with reinforcements who succeeded in overpowering the Gaunt men, although several are injured by Marvolo. Read More