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Large magical creature


"The thing attempted to smother me, sliding inexorably up my face, over my mouth and nostrils, but still I struggled, feeling it wrapping its coldness about me all the while. Unable to cry for assistance, I groped for my wand. ...Pointing my wand away from myself into the deadly folds of the creature, summoning the memory of the day I had been voted President of the local Gobstones Club, I performed the Patronus Charm. ... Almost at once I felt fresh air upon my face."
-- Flavius Belby on defeating the Lethifold (FB)


The Lethifold is a dangerous beast which resembles a half-inch thick black cloak which moves along the ground at night, hunting its prey.

  • Also known as the Living Shroud (FB).
  • It generally attacks sleeping humans, smothers them, then digests them, all in their bed, leaving no trace at all. The only known defense against a lethifold is a Patronus Charm. Thankfully, this frightening creature is rare, only found in the tropics (FB).
  • The earliest known account of this creature was written by Flavius Belby, who survived an attack in Papua New Guinea in 1782. (FB)
  • Another lethifold attack survivor is Celestina Warbeck's mother, who crossed paths with one that was disguised as a stage curtain (Pm).



L. lethum, variation of letum, death (NSOED) + "fold," suggestive of cloth

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