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Burdock Muldoon

Burdock Muldoon was Chief of Wizard’s Council from 1448 to 1450.

Other canon notes and references

Muldoon tried to define the difference between a "being" and a "beast." He decreed that any creature that had two legs was a "being," and therefore deserving of better representation and treatment. When he called a summit meeting to discuss it, however, the Goblins mocked him by bringing other two-legged creatures such as destructive trolls and hags, mischievous fairies and pixies, and loud disruptive birds such as Diricawls and Fwoopers. After that, Muldoon gave up. (FB)

Burdock Muldoon
Gender Male
Species / Race Wizard
Hair red
Distinguishing Features A tendency to oversimplify the complex problems of other creatures.
Affiliations Wizards’ Council
Profession Chief of the Wizard's Council
First Introduced FW



Burdock = a large flowering weed, something like a thistle, with seeds that stick to clothing and animal fur. In fact, the tiny hooks on seeds were the basis for the invention of velcro. The roots are used in a popular drink in the U.K. called Dandelion and Burdock.

The surname "Muldoon" means "hill-fort" and is common in Ireland and Scotland.

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